Russian Artist Illustrates Annoying Girl Problems And Other Things In 30 Comics

Russian artist Anastasia ‘Stushona’ Ivanova has been keeping herself really busy since the last time we wrote about her work. She has continued poking fun at everyday life annoyances, amassing tens of thousands of followers.

Even though the character we see in her comics is Stushona’s alter ego and usually fights girl problems, every now and then the artist drops a totally unexpected strip that keeps her feed surprising and interesting. Be it sipping coffee with alive, human-size croissants or explaining the Big Bang, you never know what you’re gonna get!


“Sometimes, it just so happens that you need to be silent for a little while.”As you may have noticed, most of her strips consist of 4 panels. “This format is a challenge for me. It’s somewhat like a visual haiku. You try to tell a story in 4 shots, and if you manage it well, it’s clear and funny.”


Thankfully for the artist, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t really disrupted her routine. “In my quarantine mode, almost nothing has changed. I used to work at home. The only difference is that now there is no reason to get up from the table and because of this, I can work all the time. This is great for creativity but very bad for my back.”

One of the biggest “consumers” of Stushona’s energy is the book she’s currently working on. “It takes a lot of time, and I could not find it before. I also opened an online store and it also needs to be filled with interesting art.”

However, she hasn’t forgotten her fans and keeps producing comics. This time, she’s working on one about the quarantine. “So many people are facing the same problem now. Yes, it’s devastating, but there’s also a silver lining. For a long time, the world hasn’t been so united the way it is now. And I think humor helps everyone to stay positive in the face of this crisis.”

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