This Woman Sold Her Virg!Nity For $800,000, But There Is An Unbelievable Twist

Meet Elizabeth Raine, a therapeutic understudy from the US. She came to notoriety when she reported to sell her virginity when she was 27 in March 2013.


1   Elizabeth Raine


She named herself Elizabeth Raine on her site however asserted that her genuine name was unique and this was done to keep up her protection.


2   More about her



She included some new pictures which gave her face, and furthermore posted different insights concerning her. Some of them are that she is interesting and has a distinctive gut button. She likewise has degrees in both designing and science, and needs to get a M.D just as Ph.D in future.


3   Her Website



Elizabeth had never had intercourse, so she thought of a splendid plan to sell her virginity in an online sale. The closeout was overseen on her site.


In any case, the site is disconnected right now.

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