‘Don’t Hold Back’: This Heartwarming Comic Is Making Everyone Cry

You should never be ashamed of your tears. Don’t hold them back—cry, if you want to. That’s the message that artist Tum Natakorn Ulit from Bangkok wanted to spread with his newest bittersweet, poignant, and beautiful comic about a boy who can’t cry and whose tears start filling up his head.

Scroll down and have a look at the Thai illustrator’s newest comic that may have you holding back tears yourself. When you’re done, check out his other unique comics with unexpected and sad endings that we previously featured right here and here.

The artist told Bored Panda that his latest ‘cry if you want to’ comic was inspired by a water balloon. “I see it as a thing that is sometimes fragile but sometimes powerful. Water in balloons can be compared to tears of people who always keep it and never release, and we do not know when it will blow up.” Scroll down for the rest of our insightful chat with Ulit about his art

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Artist Tum Ulit created a new comic about a boy who can’t cry

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