Artist Gives Disney Princesses A New Look (9 Transformations)

For those of you Pandas out there who love Disney, drawing, and design, you’re bound to enjoy We Call It Disney’s art. Artist Marta Sánchez García, who runs the Instagram page, redesigned and upgraded the dresses that Disney princesses wear and the results are stunning.

Marta is especially proud of Pocahontas’ dress because that’s the one that she actually fully designed herself. “She is my favorite princess and she doesn’t get enough credit,”

“The dresses that artists, including Disney artists, design for her are very boring and unappealing, in my opinion, so I was dying to do her justice and something modern that would represent her.” Scroll down for the rest of our chat with Marta, check out her drawings, and let us know which dresses you liked the most, dear Readers!

Snow White


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