Artist Gives Disney Princesses A New Look (9 Transformations)


“People usually associate beige and blue with Pocahontas because those are the only colors she wears in the movie. This is a mistake that Disney designers make when It comes to her because Pocahontas represents all the colors in nature, even her song talks about all the colors of the wind!” the artist said.

“That’s why I make sure to represent all those colors in her dress, keeping the beige as the main one as a nod to the original. It was also very flowy, nothing corseted like the others. Pocahontas is the drawing that has the most likes, I am so happy people appreciate it.”

According to the artist, it takes her roughly 6 to 7 hours, split over 2 days, to complete each drawing. Of course, that depends on whether or not she’s motivated, but Marta told us that she usually is (otherwise she doesn’t finish the drawings).

“The redesigns for the dresses are from the Disney Midnight Masquerade collection. The dolls are absolutely stunning and I just had to draw those dresses into the animated princesses using the style of each one of their movies,”

While Marta considers herself to be an artist, she hasn’t chosen that path in life. “I am currently studying journalism and I constantly think about whether I made the right choice,” she shared some of her worries.

“I love art and I couldn’t live without it in my life, but I guess it is more of a hobby than a job. Disney and art are a perfect combination of two worlds I love and this account gives me the perfect place to express it.”

Here’s what people thought of the artist’s drawings. Some loved them while others weren’t so sure if they liked them

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