Person Asks People Over 40 To Share Their Pics To Show Aging Is Not That Scary (30 Pics)

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see people who look far younger than their real age. While some people believe that it’s all downhill after you hit 40, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Life really just starts then, as Twitter user Renatanover showed her followers.

The 43-year-old from Moscow was tired of hearing people getting criticized for aging. So she started up a thread and invited people to post photos that prove that they can look fabulous, young, and gorgeous even after 40.


“I’m 53. I don’t live with anyone, my son has grown up, loved by my side, my heart is alive, and my head is my own. Freedom!”

“Eating a healthy diet means enjoying your food and having plenty of variety so you get all the nutrients you need and maintain a healthy weight and stay well,” Abrahams explained the importance of eating well. However, equally as important is staying social.

“Keeping up our ties to friends and family and taking part in social activities is an important tool to helping us stay sharp as we age. Keeping active, in particular, has many benefits besides fighting off illness, such as: lowering the risk of depression and dementia ​or developing heart disease. ​It also reduces the likelihood of having a stroke, and lowers the risk of some cancers,” Age UK’s Charity Director went into detail about the many pros of moving more.


“Okay, I’ll join the club too… 48 in a month.”

“Moving more can help our thinking skills too—like problem-solving, decision-making and remembering facts and words. It can also lessen aches and pains, help us to stay steady on our feet, improve our sleep, and boost our mood.”

In general, choosing to move more, especially in nature, is better than moving less. Physical activities done in the great outdoors have the most benefits. So walking out in the countryside or choosing to walk instead of driving is better than nothing.

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