Person Asks People Over 40 To Share Their Pics To Show Aging Is Not That Scary (30 Pics)


“That’s my mom. The photo was taken a year or two ago. She is 42 at the moment, we were once called sisters.”

“Making sure that regular exercise stays a key part of our routine is one of the best ways to stay well and therefore stay independent,” Abrahams pointed out the importance of getting into the habit of moving.

She stressed that it’s never too late to start being more active. That doesn’t mean that we all have to aspire to be marathon runners, however! “Being more active isn’t about working up a sweat or running marathons. It’s simply about moving more each day, in whatever way works, within our own capabilities. Even a small amount of movement can make a big difference to our mental and physical health.”

You can find some more advice from Age UK about staying healthy as we age right here and here.


“I’m 40.”

Looking great and always feeling energetic gets harder and harder as we get older. It’s only natural, as our bodies slow down and start wearing and tearing. However, it doesn’t mean that feeling young is impossible when you leave your twenties, thirties, and beyond! With the right mindset and habits, like having a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, you can live a high-quality life (and be way more capable than when you were younger).

One of the main things that contribute to faster aging is stress. Now, obviously, stress is unavoidable. However, we can change how we react to stressful situations to make sure that we come out on top.

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